What's new in LimeSurvey?

Hey everyone,

It has been quite some time since you have heard from us! We have been working on lots of improvements for LimeSurvey. We are back with great news:
Over the past few months we have taken your feedback and improved our survey tool. Not all of it but we are quite on our way and making steps in the correct direction. In the upcoming weeks we will detail the main improvements we have been working on.

Below the main highlights, including:

  • Encryption: this can be activated for survey participants and responses on a field-by-field case to store sensitive personal data securely.
    Available in each question settings
  • Question Themes: uploading and installing of your own question themes.
    Configuration --> Themes --> Question themes
  • User roles: introduction of user roles for your surveys.
    Configuration --> Users --> User roles
  • ExpressionScript: many new functions for ExpressionScript used to support more complex branching, assessments, validation, and tailoring of questions.
  • User interface & user experience: optimizations and improved consistency.

Besides the highlights mentioned above there is a lot more to discover. Below you find an overview of our new features:

Global settings

  • Maintenance mode: Surveys can now be put into maintenance mode using the new global maintenance feature.
    Configuration --> Global  --> General
  • User administration email templates: There are new email templates available when adding users to your survey site.
    Configuration --> Global  --> User Administration

Survey participants

  • There is a new access code (token) plugin that allows you to specify the exact format of the access code. 
    Configuration --> Plugins --> customToken --> Click on "activate plugin"


  • Email SMTP passwords are now saved encrypted in the database. Random passwords are no longer sent to participants. Reset links are used instead.
  • Configure rules for password strength: Also you can now configure the rules for your password strength by using a plugin.
    Configuration --> Plugins --> PasswordRequirement --> Click on "activate plugin" 

Survey themes

You are now able to do the following:

  • revert theme files to default
  • define dropdown options
  • batch reset or uninstall survey themes
  • configure how to handle question types in the frontend on smaller devices displayed in tables. If the "NoTables" plugin is activated then it fits the table to the smaller screen.
    Configuration --> Themes --> select e.g. LimeSurvey Fruity Theme --> Theme options

Also, LimeSurvey 3 themes are converted to a new theme format automatically.


  • statCount & statCountIf. There are new functions that make it easier to evaluate survey results.
  • There is a new function to convert a number or text into a float value ( floatval() ).
  • We have implemented a new placeholder to use the SEED value
    Configuration --> Plugins --> expressionFixedDbVar --> Click on "activate plugin"
  • We have implemented a new placeholder to access the question help text.
    Configuration --> Plugins --> expressionQuestionHelp --> Click on "activate plugin"
  • You now can get the question text of multiple choice and array questions via questioncode.question.
    Configuration --> Plugins --> expressionQuestionForAll --> Click on "activate plugin" 


  • The output of graphs in PDF statistics exports has been enhanced. 


  • Now you can assign a role to a user instead of individual permission for easier user role and permission management.
    Configuration --> Users --> User roles
  • You can allow an administration user to update the script by enabling an XSS filter.
    Configuration --> Global --> Security
  • It is now possible to allow the insertion of videos by enabling an XSS filter.
    Configuration --> Global --> Security
  • There’s a new “Select all" choice when editing survey permissions.
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Survey settings --> Survey permissions 

Survey groups

  • We have implemented a new permission system for survey groups that allows you to assign individual permissions for certain survey groups.
    Surveys --> Survey groups --> Edit survey permissions


  • Now you can configure the sending rate of your invitations and reminders.
    Configuration --> Global --> Email settings 

Question types/ editing

  • There is a new configurable prefix for sub-questions and answer options in personal settings.
    Your username --> My Account --> My personal settings
  • A new placeholder setting for text questions and numeric questions has been added.
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Structure --> Add question (text question)
  • Now you can save your question settings as default question type values to speed up the creation of similar questions.
    Configuration --> Global survey --> General settings
  • Use the textarea for sub questions via ExpressionScript. Sub questions are found at the bottom and the text areas are useable via ExpressionScript
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Structure --> Add question
  • See the relevance of your group (if you set any) in the question view.
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Structure --> Group summary (click on a question group)
  • There is a new lock organizer in the sidebar of the application.
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Structure (Lock icon)
  • You will now see a warning message when you try to activate an expired survey.
  • Use the new “soft mandatory prompt” to remind a participant to fill out a question The participant may still proceed without doing so.
    Surveys --> Your survey --> Structure --> Add question --> Settings (Soft mandatory)

Question themes

  • It is possible to install a question theme by using a zip file upload.
    Configuration --> Themes --> Question themes
  • You can now disable a question theme.
    Configuration --> Themes --> Question themes 

Export SPSS as a sav file

Configuration --> Plugins--> ExportSPSSsav

New question types

There are lots of new question types, including:

Mask Questions:

  • Advanced Ranking

Multiple choice questions:

  • Image Select Multiple Choice
  • Single choice questions: Image Select List (Radio)
  • Bootstrap Button

Text questions:

  • Browser Detect
  • Input on Demand 

Sharing panel

Once you have activated your survey you can pick a channel to distribute it and start collecting responses. Channels you can choose from:

  • Anonymous link
  • QR code
  • Social media
    Survey settings --> Overview --> Sharing panel 

We hope you enjoy the new version! Now it is even easier to turn your questions into answers.

More blog posts with specifics about these improvements will follow shortly, so stay tuned.

Have a nice day, everybody!

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