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LimeSurvey 2.0RC5 released

After almost two months since RC2 release the next (and hopefully last) release candidate is now available! Among dozen of bugfixes there have been two areas worked on intensely: The Central Participants database (many issues were fixed here and new features added) and the new RemoteControl2 API (based on JSON-RPC/XML-RPC). Please note that the coding of the RemoteControl API was exclusively sponsored by your donation money! Let us know if you think something is missing. We invite everyone to have a look at LimeSurvey 2.0 and ask you to report any issues back to us as soon as possible. Only that way it can quickly become stable for a full release.

Update: We are at RC7 now because we have been reported two show-stopper bugs. Thank you for the feedback!

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LimeSurvey Fund-Raiser 2012 started!

LimeSurvey2.0_2012-05-03_12-23-10Help us to finish LimeSurvey 2.0: Today we start the LimeSurvey 2012 Fund-Raiser, which is our first fund-raising drive ever. We ask you to donate a small part of the money that  LimeSurvey saved you in the first place compared to commercial software/services. Why? The idea behind LimeSurvey is not only only being free and open source but also it should be fun to work with and have an extensive feature set - usable by all kind of users. Be it the student doing a survey for the master thesis or a company using it to survey thousands of participants.

The volunteer work done by our team of 20 volunteer developers/supporters/translators is amazing and they are the reason LimeSurvey has come this far. Still for bigger changes you need full-time developers - that's what we will use your donated money exclusively for. You will help to speed up development and get new/redesigned features much faster (see our donation letter for more information).

Now, think about how much LimeSurvey helped you and you have the chance to give something in return: Please donate!

P.S: If you donate you will receive a donators status in the forums, and, if you want to, you will also be listed on our page of donators. For donations of 500 USD or more you will even be able to link your name with an URL of your choice.

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Limesurvey development put on hold - Version 1.49 will be re-released - April fools!

This is a tough decision for the Limesurvey team, but after lots of discussion we decided to stop all current development.

There will be no more fixes for Limesurvey 1.9x and work on Limesurvey 2.0 will be stopped as well. Instead, we will re-release the old Limesurvey version 1.49 for the following reason: As you might have noticed, the current Limesurvey code base is a mess and it is really hard to maintain because so many features were added during the last months. We analyzed the older versions in detail and agreed that only the old 1.49 version offers a maintainable code base we could continue our work on. This means that the next official Limesurvey release will be version 1.491, unfortunately with lots of features missing (advanced conditions, quick add feature, expression manager,...). We will work hard to implement the missing features the next month and plan to release an updated version with extended conditions this summer.

We are really sorry, but this was no easy decision. We hope to save Limesurvey's future by switching back to a better maintainable code base. Thank you for your understanding!

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