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Coders wanted!

It has been some time since the last alpha-version. There have been alot of questions when the next beta or stable version will be released. We are working very actively on the current version and implementing some big features but we are not as fast progressing as we like to and that is where we need your help:


We are looking  for PHP coders (Normal PHP skills are required) for the following tasks: 

  • Implementing new features for v1.x 
  • Implementing user patches for v1.x
  • Caretaking of v1.x in the longer run


In addition to that we are preparing the complete rewrite of PHPSurveyor v2. This new version will bring you modularity, covering of 90% of feature requests in our bug tracker and more. So we are looking for PHP coders with decent OOP experience for the following tasks:

  • Rewrite for version 2.0


If you are interested to join us please follow the instructions provided here.


The PHPSurveyor development team is happy to announce the release of the alpha version 1.08. This new version offers a wide range of new possibilities for this software and showing you the way the newly built development team just has started related to new features, design and usability. Be aware that with new features we were forced to raise the requirements bar. This release does have the following requirement:

  • MySQL 4.1 or higher
  • PHP 4.1 or higher with deactivated SAFE_MODE (which is a pretty standard setting)
  • Either gettext OR mbstring library installed. (for localizations)


Remember... this is an unstable alpha version. Do not use it for production purposes. However we will be happy about every feedback, suggestion and even bug report. If you need help do not to hesitate to ask in the forums or on IRC .

Now go to the Downloads and get your hands on it... or read the list of new features.

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Flemish translator wanted!

The PHPSurveyor project is looking for a long-term Flemish translator. Your task will be the translation of the PHPSurveyor website and manuals. After the basic work is done the long-term workload will be very small since the documentation is not changing very much.  You should be dedicated to your task and reliable. You reward will be the acknowldgment by the PHPSurveyor community and your name will be immortalised in the Team listing (if you like you can also link to your personal homepage).

If you are interested please contact Carsten Schmitz.

PHPSurveyor IRC Channel opened

We would like to notify everyone that there is now an official PHPSurveyor IRC channel available. This channel is for developers and users of PHPSurveyor to have an easy way to communicate quickly with each other  - also as an alternative to the forums.

Join now the IRC channel at #phpsurveyor! In case you are using firefox you can use the chatzilla extension.

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