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LimeSurvey version 2.5 RC available in ComfortUpdate

We recently published the first release candidate of the new LimeSurvey version: LimeSurvey 2.5 . You can read the article we wrote about it few weeks ago to have a quick overview of the changes.

Many of you already downloaded this release, tested it and gave us feedback such as bug reports or new feature requests; we thank all those users for their very useful contribution to the LimeSurvey development. 

To make easier for people to test LimeSurvey 2.5 Release Candidates, we made it available via ComfortUpdate. If your LimeSurvey installation is up to date (and it should because of the security issue found last month), you will now have an update notice about it, and you'll can use ComfortUpdate to test it. If you're not interested, just remove the notice by clicking on its close button. 

LS2.5 RC update notification
LS2.5 RC update notification

As said in the notification, you don't need a ComfortUpdate key to update. If you already have a ComfortUpdate key its update count will not be decreased by this update. This is because LimeSurvey 2.5 is still unstable. By the way LimeSurvey 2.5 is using most of the code of 2.06, so it is yet very reliable, and you should be able to use it for your every day work! Most people who did the move told us that the new interface is very intuitive and easy to use.

LS25 Home PageLimeSurvey 2.5 RC Home Page

In the coming weeks, we'll published a new 2.5 Release Candidate, probably the last one. It will use icons font instead of pictures, and will provide an easy way to customize the admin interface with a theme engine based on Sass. It will also provide a new template engine for the survey, based on Bootstrap, using the no-more-tables technique for array question types. So the survey templates will be responsive and will work fine on most smartphones. The more users will update to the release candidate and provide us feedbacks about it, the faster we'll publish the LimeSurvey 2.5 as a stable release.  

So you should test LimeSurvey 2.5, to report bugs, to request new features, to complain about it, to ask for changes, to troll us, to thanks us or to say how wonderful it is ;-) 
You are the LimeSurvey users, we're doing those changes for you, so just don't hesitate.

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geraldC's Avatar
geraldC replied the topic: #128063 1 year 6 months ago
In the meantime, I added :

#update-alert {
display: none;

Hope there will be a correction soon.
holch's Avatar
holch replied the topic: #128035 1 year 6 months ago
I agree. Those messages should be displayed (if at all) to the administrator of the installation and not to everyone.

People who want to upgrade to the unstable version will probably know what they are doing anyway. They could easily go into comfortupdate tab and choose the unstable version.

For anyone else, these messages should not show at all. Bad enough that the update messages are shown to everyone (which I don't think should be done), but now even the unstable updates are announced in this very intrusive way? Sorry, as much as I like the Comfortupdate, this is too much.
gantier's Avatar
gantier replied the topic: #128012 1 year 6 months ago

I just saw the message on my Limesurvey and came here. I am very interrested in the V2.5 and I think it will improve a lot of things BUT :
I regret that such a BIG RED MESSAGE is displayed to all users at each connexion for an unstable version.

For my usage those messages are a pain because I have to explain thoses alerts and reassure the users (i.e. not admin, webaster... Only people that want to create and manage surveys).

I hope the this bug will be corrected soon...

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