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Face in colours

Why are colours so important to us?

We are confronted with colours from the day we are born on for the rest of our lives. In this context, colours play a strong emotional role in our daily routines as they're connected to learnings and memories which facilitate awareness and recognition in all aspects of life.

Essentially, the way we were brought up and the culture within which we matured have a strong impact on how we perceive different colours and which meaning they carry.

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Face in colours

Survey fatigue: 5 ways to avoid ruining your research

What is survey fatigue?

In a nutshell, survey fatigue is a respondent-sided state of exhaustion, e.g. as a result of boredom, indifference or tiredness, toward taking surveys.

Survey fatigue is an omnipresent issue nowadays. Due to a vast global digitisation and virtually, 24-hour reachability of people on their mobile devices, organisations and other institutions have been increasingly leveraging this opportunity to retrieve feedback data via online surveys.

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