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Webinars & Workshops


Webinars and Workshops

Learn from the creators

LimeSurvey is a professional software, and though the first few steps may be fairly easy, mastering a deep software like LimeSurvey is pretty hard. Now, we offer webinars and also in-house workshops on demand for those that want to learn more about LimeSurvey.
Starting with the basics through to theme options, the expression manager and participant management. Beginners will get a good grasp of the software and should be able to work with it straight from within the webinar.

More to come

This will just be the start of webinars with LimeSurvey. We hope to offer masterclasses and special webinars for specific needs in the future.

We are open for ideas, so just drop us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
if you have suggestions.

Special prices for students

As was always the case at LimeSurvey, students profit from a seperate pricing.
Also, all discounts to educational and charitable organisations remain for the webinars.

Webinars at
  • Starting off with LimeSurvey

    Thursday, 08 November 2018



    Surveys with LimeSurvey

    A basic introduction

    We now offer a webinar that helps you get acquainted with LimeSurvey and the methods used to create surveys. We will start out by building a basic survey with a few questions, then we will look into the Expression Manager and construct an advanced survey that makes use of it. We hope to see you at our webinar. Below is a short summary of the topics that are tackled.

    1. Part 1
      1. Basics

        • Basic survey knowledge
        • Good forms
        • Design thinking
      2. A simple survey

        • Create simple survey
        • Simple template options
        • Run simple survey
        • Simple statistics
        • Export image/responses
      3. Small break and time for questions

    2. Part 2
      1. Advanced surveys

        • The Expression Manager
        • Branching and Skip-Logic
        • Survey architecture and flow-diagrams
        • Dynamic replacements
        • Participant Management
        • Create advanced survey
        • Take advanced survey
      2. Small break and time for questions

      3. Advanced statistics

        • Filter by responses
        • Export filtered responses
        • Invitation and Reminder
      4. If still time left, or on demand

        • Integrating a panel
        • CPDB
        • Design-Themes

    During and after the webinar, there will be enough time to talk to the tutor in case any questions or problems arise with the software.

    Please contact for more questions.

    Markus Flür
  • Tools for Professionals

    Thursday, 06 December 2018


    LimeSurvey is a professional software and thus needs some time to find out all the different functionalities.
    We now offer this webinar to become familiar with the more advanced functionalities and also into modifying a theme for your own needs.
    Below is a short summary of the tackled topics.

    I: Advanced survey knowledge

    1. The Array-Type

      • Prefix and Suffix
      • Array-Filter
      • Subquestion relevance
    2. Expressions

      • A/B - Testing
      • Dynamic Replacements
      • If|Else|Then
    3. Quotas

      • Setting a quota
      • Quotas based on expressions
    4. Assessments

      • Creating assessed questions
      • Setting up assessment rules
      • Group vs. Total calculation
    5. Randomization

      • Randomization groups
      • Subquestion randomization
      • “Question-pool” randomization
    6. Break

    II: Themes

    1. Basics

      • Theme options
      • Uploading assets
      • Inheritance in general
      • Global options vs. local options
      • Cascading Style Sheets
      • HTML with TWIG
    2. Break and individual questions

    3. CSS*

      • Basic Selectors
      • Rules
    4. The TWIG-views*

      • Basic Structure
      • Data contents

    * These parts require basic coding skills

    Markus Flür
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