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Open Source lives by your participation. So not only are you welcome to use the resources provided by our community but also give back if you get the chance.

I just have some common questions!

If you have a question regarding installation, design problems or other issues, please visit the forums and post your question there. Normally you will get an answer there within 1-2 days from a developer or other community members.

Alternatively there is an official LimeSurvey IRC channel available. You can join this IRC channel at #limesurvey

To enter an IRC channel you can also use an IRC client (just google for it), or in case you are using Firefox you can also use the chatzilla extension. Be patient when you are on the IRC channel. It might need up to several hours until you get answer but if you stay on the channel you will get an answer for sure. The best time to ask for help on the IRC channel is around 20:00 GMT.

I have a very urgent question / I need professional support / I need a special feature and I am looking for someone to code it for me!

For this kind of support we offer professional support by our LimeSurvey Partners. These are companies or professional inidividuals specialized on supporting everything around LimeSurvey.

I found a bug, do I get a cookie?

If you are sure you found a bug please submit it to the bugtracker. Bugs are handled quickly by the team. Most times within a few days there will be a fix. You won't get a cookie just acknowledgment. 

I would like to contribute to the project!

The LimeSurvey staff is always looking for volunteers who are willing to do make LimeSurvey the best survey tool around by doing the following:

  • Help in the forums
  • Create new features
  • Fix bugs
  • Translations
  • Write reviews
If you are willing to help us please read the instructions in our development wiki:

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