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Please write here if you have problems to get LimeSurvey installed or updated. Please provide as much information as possible!
1939 Topics 6042 Replies
by Tomas
28 minutes ago
Please report here if you have questions or problems how to setup your survey.
1869 Topics 7894 Replies
by Mike1985_2
1 hour 42 minutes ago
Ask here if you have questions about what can be done and what can't with LimeSurvey
3939 Topics 13.8k Replies
by DenisChenu
2 hours ago
For questions regarding development...
610 Topics 1960 Replies
by c_schmitz
1 hour 41 minutes ago
Discussion about future features & enhancement - what's needed, what's wanted. Vote for new features on ideas.limesurvey.org
160 Topics 496 Replies
by jj8931
1 month 2 weeks ago
Discuss here about our news articles
221 Topics 273 Replies
by c_schmitz
23 hours 18 minutes ago
Discuss about LimeSurvey plugins (Version 2.05 or later)
14 Topics 82 Replies
by lawrence
1 week 5 days ago
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